07 October 2010

My current character for Mikes 3.5 DnD game is a level 4 elven wizard, Ollivandavius. Amori, halfling rogue and future student of mine, is now training me in the art of an assassin. He's a street performer and has a Hawk named Falcon. His sister is a Factotum/Beguiler in the employ of the Black Seraphim.
Stay thirsty my friends. For knowledge.


  1. You named your Hawk Falcon? Fail.
    You forgot to mention the intelligent deck of cards.

  2. Yep. Its similar to the sword with suprise written on it- if I say something like, "My Falcon will tear your eyes out" a mildly intelligent person will pause when they see a hawk.
    And yeah, I also have an intelligent deck of cards.

  3. DnD is cool. I used to play it in school at around pm , the only time I had to play.