19 October 2010

Fall Break

Was ok. Visited a college.
That's about it.

14 October 2010


It sucks.
Two of em, each 5 hours long. One the first day, the second the second.
I hate tests.
I would say something about staying thirsty for knowledge but I'm in a desert right now.

10 October 2010


101010 is 42 in binary. Pretty sweet.
I was going to post a comic about it but I procrastinated. Will try to post it tomorrow. /sigh
Not much else happened today. Working on some Exalted characters I guess.
Stay thirsty, my friends. For knowledge.

09 October 2010

2nd mobile post, cleaned up

Further mobile testing:
Today started with a migraine. I get them quite often but have been getting them less and less recently. It was also the last PSAT prep class I had, taking it next week. Trying to rewire my first computer rig I've built, taking awhile, but hope it pays off. That's all for now.
Stay thirsty, my friends. For knowledge.
Testing mobile posting.

08 October 2010


Today was Homecoming Spirit Day.
Overslept, got to school like 15 minutes late, get detention.
Study Hall and Physics normal.
In AP Biology, half the class leaves to prepare floats or something. So our teacher says, let's review with pictionary. Was ok. All of my pictures got points. Like, my word was evolution, so I drew a circle, a llama thing, and an arrow from the circle to the llama. Bam. Evolution.
Then, we saw the floats.
They all sucked this year. Only cool part was where some cat named Eli Gadd hit the brakes and held the whole thing up then went 40 mph down the road.
Then, powderpuff football game. Was under bleachers with friends and rest of school.
Pep rally was ok.
Then DnD. Mike will probably elaborate, but we basically were looking for a sheep rapist and found a couple elves with a dying horse. Got sent to eliminate a drow recon group, so we filled all the tunnels with caltrops. I started working on a homebrew spellcasting base class with arcane and divine influences.
Then, home and tiredness.
Stay thirsty, my friends. For knowledge.

07 October 2010

What is Down?

So, today was decent.
-Wrote a song titled "Like a Brain" (to the tune of Like a Boss) for AP Psych. May post lyrics later.
-Went to dentist. Meh.
-Drove sister around for two hours trying to find a damn house. Seriously, get directions first.
-Did two PSAT practice tests.
Actually, today sucked. Except for Like a Brain.